Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the use of various purposeful and planned manual, intellectual and leisure activities for increasing the physical and mental fitness of a person.The activities are selected in such a way that their outcome is an improvement in a deteriorated function of the participant’s body, or a positive impact onhis or her mental condition.

The forms of occupational therapy applied at the Associated Nursing Home include:

- bedside therapy;

- music therapy;

- manual therapy;

- ergotherapy;

- sports and leisure activities;

- bibliotherapy;

- psychotherapy.

The Residents may also take part in individual therapeutic activities, such as playing gamesin the day care room, solving crosswords or puzzles, going for walks, undergoing audiovisual stimulation,or reading press or books.

Therapeutic events

Multiple events of great therapeutic significance are held at the Associated Nursing Homes.Amongst them there are:

- competitions:Play With Us, Name That Tune, Quiz Game;

- thematic talks;

- Journey of the Three Kings;

- dancing parties;

- Family Picnics;

- Nativity play;

- occasional events, for example held in relation to the Grandmother’s or Grandfather’s Day;

- giving, over a wire broadcasting system, wishes to Residents celebrating special occasions;

- summer sports games.

The above are only some examples from amongst the wide range of occupational therapy activities available to our Residents.

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