Infrastructure at our Nursing Homes

The Associated Nursing Homes run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary in Wieleń can accommodate up to 354 Residents.The rooms are fully furnished with furniture, audio and video equipment, cordlesslandline and cellular phones. A bathroom is adjacent to each room.

The Residents have at their disposal a day care room, living rooms, leisure annexes, kitchenettes, dining rooms, a library, a family doctor’s office, rehabilitation rooms, occupational therapy rooms, terraces along the residential rooms and a garden where the Residents can cultivate their own flower or vegetable beds as a part of occupational therapy.The premises are surrounded with a large old park with numerous walking alleys.

On the premises of the Associated Nursing Homes there is also a chapel where believers can participate in religious services celebrated by a chaplain.The buildings, the rooms and the surroundings are adapted to the needs of the Residents. Architectural barriers have been removed and relevant handles, handrails, ramps and wide passages have been installed and constructed.In the buildings there are lifts adapted to the needs of disabled persons.They are equipped with a call and alarm system and a fire alarm system.

Care provided round the clock

For 24 hours per day we provide care to individuals who due to their age, health condition, disability or loneliness cannot live independently. We provide care and therapeutic services, medical and rehabilitation services, as well as services related to the activities of daily living.

This is the place for you

If you love nature and peace but you need care or have had enough of loneliness, COME TO US! See what we offer and you will want to stay here.

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  • Associated Nursing Homes run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary in Wieleń
  • 12 hectares (30 acres) of fenced-off grounds
  • 6 buildings with a total floor space of 8,500 square meters (91,500 square feet)
  • Permanent medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy